How To Avoid We Buy Houses Scams

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How To Avoid We Buy Houses Scams

“We buy houses” has become a very popular slogan in the real estate market. For a seller pressed by various reasons, the offers appear to be an elixir, but a great number of fast-sale promises have created a boom in swindle. The following article will give you some invaluable tips on how to avoid such scams and remain on the safe side while making a we-buy-houses deal.

Research Extensively

Research well on any company first before engaging with them. Look up the company on the internet, read their reviews and testimonials. A serious legitimate company like We Buy Tulsa Properties will in most cases have a strong online presence with regard to testimonials from past clients. Be very cautious of those companies which have very little information online or are totally flooded with lots of negative reviews.

Verification of Credentials

Make sure that any company with which you are going to deal is reputable, check their credentials to see if they are entitled for the business. Find out whether the business is licensed and whether the Better Business Bureau or other authority that licenses such businesses accredits it. A full-fledged company will not hesitate to bring forth proof of their qualifications to do business.

Avoid Upfront Fees

One big red flag is that you have to be suspicious of companies that ask for upfront fees before they are through with the process of actually buying your house. Good home-buying companies like We Buy Tulsa Properties take no payment from you before the transaction is successful and complete. If they demand upfront fees, then you better walk away and find another buyer.

Get All Agreements in Writing

Make sure that whatever agreement or terms are put forth should be in writing. A genuine company will usually have a written contract outlining the offer, the terms, and any other relevant information. Be wary of companies that are not willing to offer written deals or that rush you to sign without being allowed to go through the terms extensively.

Watch for High-Pressure Tactics

But you should beware of scammers that always want you to make a rush purchase; take your time, evaluate the offer, or at least seek an expert in real estate where need be. At Rose City Realty Group, which is a reputable company, they offer the customer time and space so that they may make an informed decision without being rushed.

Know the Market Value of Your Property

Understand Your Market Value: You should understand the market value of the property. Get several valuations or ask to have one from a real estate agent. This information will help to identify deals that are too good to be true; usually, they are scams.

Consult with a Real Estate Lawyer

If you have any reservations or doubt at any given point in time, there is a real estate lawyer you can refer to. He will have full access to the contracts, provide legal advice, and make sure that at every level of the transaction, your interests are protected.


Selling one’s house quickly is a very hassling process, and vigilance is the key to avoid being scammed. Research companies, check credentials, avoid upfront fees, get everything in writing, and know the true market value of your property, which will protect you against fraud. Examples of such companies are We Buy Tulsa Properties, which have trustworthy and open business practices, giving a safe option for the selling of homes quickly. Remember, it’s better to take your time to make sure the transaction is secure than to move in a rush and lose money. Be informed and be cautious in the best way for your unique situation.

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